Legislative Experience

I am running for the Legislature because this country – and our planet – face immense challenges. I want to use my communication and political skills, as well as knowledge of the legislative process, to address our most pressing issues.  

I will bring a common sense approach to my work in Augusta.

We need to return to our core values of caring for one another, united in a spirit of hope and goodwill. 

For nine years, I worked with the Legislature, mostly with the Appropriations Committee. One of my projects was to build and lead a 100 member coalition to secure $53 million for the Land for Maine’s Future Program.

I also raised millions of dollars for LifeFlight, Maine’s emergency medical helicopter service. 

We are fortunate that Maine’s Legislature is a group of well-meaning people who come together to have respectful conversations about what is best for all Maine people. I have worked in the Legislature for many years so I understand the process. 


  •  We need to restore hope. We need to be civil and demonstrate that we care for each other.  We need to lead by example. 
  • We need to revive our economy (especially our small businesses) and heal our communities after months of social distancing.
  • We need to restore and create good-paying jobs through supporting small businesses and farmers.
  • In the longer term, we need to invest in our young people and enable them to stay in Maine.  This can be done by training more people in trades such as electricians, plumbers, and auto mechanics. We can begin by investing in our high school and community trade schools. 

I would be honored to represent you while working alongside many other committed Mainers. 

As a farmer and small business owner, I understand the challenges that our community faces.
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  • Creating good-paying jobs through supporting small businesses and farmers 
    • Balance of incentives and regulatory reform
      • Low interest loans – make easy to access
      • Marketing – more support for promoting Maine-brand
      • Regulators assistance and training – their goal is to promote business
      • Training sessions on starting small business and farms 
  • Addressing climate change while expanding economy 
    • The most important issue of our time 
    • Awareness of the issue – Governor Mills is doing good job
    • Create new jobs through technical training (solar installers, heat pumps, wind turbine manufacturing and maintenance) 
    • State incentives to purchase energy efficient cars and trucks
    • Weatherization programs – helps homeowner and creates jobs 
  • Affordable healthcare 
    • Following the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are likely going to need financial assistance 
    • Assure people can keep their private health insurance if they want, while providing affordable insurance to those who do not have it 
    • Lower prescription drug prices
  • Support public schools, especially trade schools 
    • Through fair and full funding
    • Incentives for technical and trade schools – low interest loans and scholarships 
  • Expanding high-speed internet access

I would love to talk with you about how I can best represent you in Augusta.

Please contact me at: hamiltonforthehouse2020@yahoo.com or (207) 242-2559

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