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Our campaign has gathered momentum through community support. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. You can find these letters in the Lincoln County News and the Kennebec Journal.


Hamilton gets what Maine is all about

I am writing to endorse my new friend, Chris Hamilton of Whitefield, as the Democratic candidate for the Maine House of Representatives for District 88 (Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson and Nobleboro).

It is lonely staying at home during these challenging times. I met Hamilton several weeks ago, when he sent me a campaign letter. He called me a few days later to see how I was doing. I was so impressed that he cared enough to call me. Two weeks later he checked in again. We have had wonderful conversations about growing up in Maine, and the past and the future of our state and country. This has helped me get through these tough times.

Neighbors caring for neighbors — that is what Maine is about.

Hamilton would make a great legislator —  I encourage you to vote for him in the Democratic primary.

Joyce Acheson



Hamilton for the House

Sharing the quiet dirt spur of South Fowles Lane, I am happy to call Chris Hamilton my neighbor. He is hardworking, curious, and successfully brings people together. Representing District 88 in the Maine House is a job I know he will do well.
When I first met Chris, he immediately asked: “What’s your story?” I probably looked
flustered, so he furthered, “It’s your dime. What do you want me to know?” And he meant it. Over the years I’ve watched as he asks the same question to new acquaintances. Then he truly listens, with careful attention. Chris takes great pleasure in learning as much as he can about individuals, whether their opinions are similar or different from his.
Once he knows you a bit better, Chris will present you with frequent “scruples
questions.” He is constantly weighing complex situations and gathering information from people in order to make the best decision. Collaboration and working across the aisle will be a natural extension of what Chris already does. Chris will also put in the hours that it takes to get things done. One summer I watched
him nearly single-handedly side and finish his barn on weekends and late into the evenings. I’ll go away for a month and return to discover an addition on his cabin or a new compost shed. And then he’ll still have energy for a bike ride.
Life on South Fowles Lane is certainly fuller because of Chris’ energy and
community-mindedness. His campfires and game nights bring people together– whoever picked up the phone, is visiting, or happens to wander by. Stories are swapped about the day’s work, ethical questions are pondered, and good food from the farm is enjoyed.
Lucy Atkins
Whitefield, ME


Chris Hamilton for House District 88.

I was delighted to hear Chris Hamilton is running for Representative. I have known him and his wife Patti for many years thru their work at MOFGA and the Common Ground Country Fair . I also appreciated his volunteer efforts with me at the DownEast Country Dance Festival.
I was on staff at MOFGA a few years back when Chris was Development Director and was impressed how he was almost as comfortable in a tuxedo as wearing work gloves. That versatility paid off for MOFGA with a $5,000,000 endowment for farmer education and nearly $20,000,000 raised in total. It was the most successful capital campaign in the organization’s history.
I think of his work for LifeFlight of Maine whenever I hear the chopper fly over. Even in the middle of the night!
Having seen Chris’ dedication to working with others and getting the job done, I think he will represent us well.

Steve Plumb


To the Editor:
We all know how valuable a reliable neighbor can be.
Chris Hamilton, my neighbor, is a candidate for Maine House District #88 in the upcoming primary on July 14th. Chris will be an excellent state representative for the people of Nobleboro, Jefferson, Chelsea and Whitefield for the same reasons that make him a great neighbor. 
I have known Chris Hamilton for about 20 years and he has always shown himself to be a compassionate person. Both my sons have worked on the Hamiltons’ farm and I am always happy to have them do so. Since my sons were young, Chris has been a consistently positive mentor to them. He has encouraged them and helped them grow in real ways and has held them to a high standard, as with his own children. Additionally, he introduced them to hunting and is training them in that skill.
As an experienced small business owner, Chris has always demonstrated the need to be flexible in changing situations. He is one of the more practical people I know and a clear-headed thinker. He also knows the meaning of hard work and public service and is always willing to lend a hand when needed.
Chris has been productively involved in Maine service organizations for as long as I’ve known him (ie Rotary Club). He throws himself fully into his work and expects equally strong performances from those around him. He has usefully served on several boards promoting positive causes (ie LifeFlight, MOFGA and Maine Farmland Trust).
He has a broad understanding of the issues facing rural Maine – demonstrated skill in advocating for worthy causes and his solid neighborliness, I heartily recommend Chris Hamilton to the voters of my district. 

Yours sincerely,




Chris Hamilton for the State House

The more I hear from Chris, the more I’m convinced that he will serve as an outstanding leader in District 88. In an era of angry political division, Chris is open minded and thoughtful, while not criticizing those with different opinions.

He recognizes that action to mitigate climate change is the number one priority for all of us. Maine has already warmed 3 degrees, and the Gulf of Maine has warmed more than 99% of the world’s ocean.

Chris is also fiscally responsible. As an example, he understands that we are passing fiscal responsibility to our offspring by issuing bonds instead of paying for our current needs. And he’s also focused on the need to improve our struggling economy, creating jobs for the unemployed.

Regarding healthcare, Chris recognizes that the need to improve public health is as critical as ensuring access to care.

Please vote for our intelligent, thoughtful and morally responsible candidate, Chris Hamilton.

Tony Marple

Letter to the Editor From Chris Hamilton: Caring for my Neighbors

Dear Editor,
Like you, I am frustrated by politics in this country. Instead of complaining, I am stepping forward to help restore civility to the democratic process. I am a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives in District 88 (Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson, Nobleboro). I have not served in elected office before. Negative politics and derogatory advertisements are distasteful and simply un-American therefore I am committed to bringing positive and constructive energy to the Maine Legislature.
With love in our hearts, Americans are caring and optimistic people. During my campaign, I have listened to hundreds of diverse perspectives – and discussed how to address shared concerns.

Wilma, of Chelsea, is worried about the rising cost of her diabetes medication. While Sue, in Nobleboro, is concerned the high cost of health insurance is crippling small businesses and straining families.
Sarah, a Bowdoin college student, shares my concern about climate change.
Roland, of Whitefield, is disappointed that his son and others are missing playing football.
Nancy, of Jefferson, has driven her long-haul trucks more than 5 million miles. She worries about the future of small business owners and wonders when Governor Mills will consult with the Legislature about how to address the pandemic.
Joyce, of Chelsea, is concerned about Maine’s foster care system – and she would know having cared for 130 children over 30 years.
Reggie, of Nobleboro, shared his concern about the second amendment. When I told him I am an avid hunter, we discussed how to balance protecting the right to own guns and reducing crime. This is the most prevalent topic in my conversations.
In Jefferson, citizens have formed a committee to look for ways to help each other.
Holly, a teacher from Nobleboro, is concerned about the strain of social distancing on her students and fellow faculty.
And a group of people in Whitefield are restoring a grange hall into a library and arts center.
These are all neighbors caring for neighbors – I would be proud to represent all of them.
I was raised in South China, ME with common sense values. For 20 years, my wife and I have owned a farm in Whitefield. We have made do with what we could afford and lived within our means. I will bring this fiscally conservative perspective to Augusta.

My priorities will be to heal both emotionally and economically from the pandemic, to fully fund our public schools which could help lower property taxes, to encourage small businesses and family farms, and to assure all Maine people have access to affordable healthcare, and to restore respect between Maine people. We can disagree on policy priorities, but we do not need to be disagreeable. We can be respectful to one another.

I am running for the Legislature because I believe in American democracy and a hopeful future. I want to help my neighbors, just as they are helping each other.

I encourage you to vote for me.

Chris Hamilton

Please contact me if you would like to write a Letter to the Editor.

hamiltonforthehouse2020@yahoo.com or (207) 242-2559

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